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Our stretch tests: comprehensive safety for your special transport project

Not every road or road junction is suitable for your special transport project - the concrete dimensions and weights are decisive. Based on your technical specifications and the respective destination, we carry out an explicit route check for your transport: We weigh up exactly which route is the most sensible for your case.

You can also rely on us knowing exactly what we are doing: You will receive a detailed route plan and a list including all costs incurred from us - this is how we understand service.

Important questions about the route inspection - we provide answers

As an experienced transport escort service in Graz, it goes without saying that we meticulously check every planned route from the respective points of view:

  • Are the curves and crossings sufficiently dimensioned so that even extralong vehicles or vehicle combinations can pass safely?
  • Which traffic disturbances must be considered at which time?
  • Are the planned routes suitable for the planned weights?
  • What measures must be taken to ensure safety?
  • What costs must you expect?

These are just some of the questions we ask - and of course answer - in the runup to every special transport through Austria. If the transport is possible, we will check which changes to the route might be necessary. Otherwise, we adjust the route so that you reach your destination as efficiently as possible - we will be there to help you with advice and assistance.

Our route checks - your safety

It is always a question of cost and benefit when we carry out route inspections for transports in Austria. Therefore, you will receive a detailed cost calculation or cost estimate for each special transport project that you have organized through our office in Graz. For our direct customers we clarify the entire transport handling and discuss the details in direct dialog - maybe you will soon be one of them?

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