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Our transport escort service: wide range of services

With our team we accompany special transport projects of any kind - within Austria. In doing so, we can provide escorts in the relevant stages 1 to 4 - also with blue light - with specially trained and sworn road traffic controllers. Of course, we will first advise you comprehensively on the measures necessary in your case as soon as we have all the necessary information.

Please contact our office in Graz when needed so that we can work out a viable concept for your transport together with you - we are reliably and competently at your side at any time.

Professional accompaniment of transports - these are the facts

Depending on how much your transport deviates from the usual dimensions and weights, your special transport project will be classified in one of the four accompanying stages. Here is an overview that illustrates the resulting measures:

The valid accompanying stages

Level 1: Self-monitoring

Even if it is a special transport project, you can ensure the necessary escort yourself. However, it is crucial that you carefully consider all relevant safety factors.

Stage 2: Escort by a sworn road surveillance authority

In this case, one of our vehicles will accompany your transport, so that our employees can guarantee a smooth process.

Stage 3: two sworn road supervisors with two vehicles

As soon as this classification becomes necessary, we provide two vehicles with trained and sworn experts to keep an eye on all security risks.

Stage 4: Accompaniment by several specially trained and sworn road safety inspectors - three vehicles and one self- escort vehicle.

For these extremely big and heavy transports we use all our expertise - you can rely on us.

In addition, there are some special requirements, which for example in Vienna already apply to level 2: Blue light is mandatory here. Of course, we take these regulations into account in any case as soon as you discuss your concrete project with us. In general, the following principle applies: a higher quality transport escort service may always replace the prescribed one if it is a lower one. For example, you can always use sworn organs if your transport falls into escort level 1.

Our transport escort service - your advantage

You can rely on the expertise we have acquired over many years of business activity: We’re not only providing you with comprehensive advice on all relevant aspects, but also secure your special transport project in accordance with regulations with the appropriate vehicles and qualified specialists - you can count on us.

T: +43 316 718128

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